New Urban Fantasy Novella Coming Soon

Rucksack UniverseIn my September newsletter, I mentioned that I was hard at work on a new Rucksack Universe project, and that I’d tell you more about it in the October newsletter. Well look at that. Here we are 🙂

Set in Ireland after the events of The Martini of Destiny, the urban fantasy novella e-book Home Sweet Road is the story of an ordinary woman who hides extraordinary secrets from two men who are not what they seem—but neither is she.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been planning and drafting this novella, and it has been a lot of fun. Chief Reader is going through the manuscript now, and in the November newsletter I can let you know when it will be available (you can click here to join my mailing list, btw). Home Sweet Road will be available only as an e-book… for now.

Learn more in the Home Sweet Road FAQ »

Get news about the book and also check out cool extras like the book’s Pinterest board at Home Sweet Road’s official webpage »

P.S.: Work on Forever the Road, the first Rucksack Universe novel, continues too.The manuscript is with Beta Readers, and I’ll soon be reviewing their feedback. Behind the scenes, I’m also working on all the nuts-and-bolts stuff of editors, cover designers and… what do you say we do a print version too?

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