Month: October 2013

Should the E-book Be a Print Book Too?

October Update: The Martini of Destiny Ever since The Martini of Destiny launched back in June, people have asked whether or not I’d come out with a print version of the book. At first, I was figuring I wouldn’t. But. People keep asking. And as I’ve looked into it more, putting out a print version … Read More

At last you at here

Today’s Oneword: Stamped The sound repeated and repeated, never louder, never softer, never stopping. He opened the door, and now the sound was louder. The machines stamped and stamped, and as he walked to the end of the room, he saw light glinting off metal discs as they moved down a conveyor belt. “At last … Read More

What happens if you go off a cliff?

Today’s Oneword: Parachute “So what happens if you go off a cliff?” he said. “Does a parachute come out of the trunk, and we glide down like butterflies?” She put the last bag into the sidecar trunk and closed the hatch. “No,” she replied. “We scream and plummet and die.” “Oh. Guess I figured you’d … Read More

The part that turned walking into running

Today’s Oneword: Easygoing He had an easygoing walk, the sort of amble you can only get when you’ve had years of asphalt under your boots, when you convince yourself that every step does indeed take you away from your troubles and all the things that got you rolling and rambling in the first place. There … Read More

Is it hard to live with yourself?

Today’s Oneword: Rewrite “Is it hard to live with yourself?” she asked. “Your job is to mess with people’s lives. You write the future. Hell, for all I know you rewrite the past.” He shook his head. “What’s done is written. There is no redo. There is only adapting and moving forward. That’s all we … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Claim 52, Draft & Ninkasi, Rogue Garage Sale, Honest Pints

Oct. 10, 2013 Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Claim 52 Beers & Benefits Assistant brewer Joe Buppart at Claim 52 is brewing a Gose for a Beers Made By Walking Oct. 26 event at Portland’s Belmont Station. The collaborating brewers recently braved the rain on an Oregon Coast hike to gather ingredients. In partnership with Cornucopia … Read More

I’ve still never seen anything like it

Today’s Oneword: Pines “I’ve still never seen anything like it,” he said. “The firs and pines are taller than you’d think life could stretch. The forests aren’t bits of woods here and there. They stretch like oceans, far as the eye can see, covering the hills and valleys all the way to the horizon. For … Read More

Are you getting aboard or what?

Today’s Oneword: Aboard “Are you getting aboard or what?” She shook her head and took a deep breath. I’ve always hated these things, she thought. “If we’re going to find him, we have to work together. Like it or not.” “Fine.” She climbed into the sidecar. “But the moment you pop this thing into the … Read More

The one who cleans it up

Today’s Oneword: Lunacy What exactly did they think would be the end result, anyway? The shambles of the world, simple fools drowning in their own lunacy; where was light? Where was order? Where was anything worth living for beyond chaos and caprice? He stared out over the plains below. It’s all such a damn mess, … Read More

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