Month: October 2013

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup, Oct. 3

Pumpkin Ale Fest, New Taproom, Duck Fan Beers, Reader’s Choice Awards Open 16 Tons Pumpkin Ale Fest, Oct. 4 The change to fall is well underway in Eugene, and 16 Tons Cafe at 29th & Willamette has filled its taps with pumpkin ales and ciders to celebrate the season. On Friday, Oct. 4, 16 Tons … Read More

Travelers leave the strangest things

Today’s Oneword: Tank From the water tank at the back of the hostel, she took out the box wrapped in plastic and looked over her shoulder again. Travelers leave the strangest things, she thought. In the office, she locked the door and poured a tall slug of whiskey. Bloody backpackers, she thought. What have you … Read More

That’s why they thought too

Today’s Oneword: Distilled “Why is it just beer?” he asked. “Why haven’t we ever, say, tried to make whiskey?” She smiled. “There have been attempts. But to do something distilled… all I know from the histories is that it was more trouble than it was worth. Things became… too concentrated.” “But it’s just whiskey.” She … Read More

Her stolen bike was down there somewhere

Today’s Oneword: Stolen She stood on top of the hill, starting out over the mountains and crags, the valleys and hollows. Her stolen bike was down there somewhere. Was it in pieces already, engine here, headlamp there? No, she thought. No one would take apart a rig like that. It’s too enticing. I’ll hear it … Read More

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