The beer is warm but the fires are cold

Today’s Oneword: Brisk

More 1-minute glimpses into the Rucksack Universe“Ah, the brisk Irish morning air,” he said. “Why do you have a country where the beer is warm but the fires are cold?”

She put more peat on the fire. “Because we have our priorities straight. Make a cuppa tea and quit whining.”

“Don’t get me started on tea.”

“Actually, that’s a good idea. You Americans can’t be trusted with a kettle. I’ll make the tea. You go find a sweater. Maybe you’ll find some balls too.”

What are these things?

The Oneword website is a writing exercise where you have 60 seconds to write something based on one word, which changes each day. I use it to explore ideas and give you a daily 1-minute glimpse into the Rucksack Universe of travel fiction stories.

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