Welcome, 1450 AM Listeners

So glad you’re here. Thank you for tuning in to my interview with Leigh Anne Jasheaway on The Giggle Spot! I’m a professional author and online copywriter who’s been at it since 2000. My main areas of writing that you may be interested in are… Travel fantasy fiction – The Rucksack Universe Craft beer writing … Read more

Radio Reminder: Tune in to 1450 AM, Nov. 30

Quick reminder… As I mentioned last week, Eugene comic and radio host Leigh Anne Jasheway will interview me on The Giggle Spot this Saturday, Nov. 30, at 10:20 a.m. We’ll be talking about writing, my contemporary fantasy fiction, and how authors can use websites such as Eugene A Go-Go to connect with fans and readers. … Read more

After I bought everything he had

Today’s Oneword: Selling I don’t normally buy much. There’s so much to buy, that I could wind up moneyless in a day. But when this bloke came around selling, well, I shouldn’t even tell you what he was selling. Not here, like this. But when he came around, and he showed me what he had, … Read more

What Is Eugene A Go-Go?

So you live in the Eugene/Springfield area. You love checking out the arts and lit community. How can you connect with artists, authors and more, and also find cool events? Enter Eugene A G-Go. Created by the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE), Eugene A Go-Go helps build connections between patrons, artists, producers and … Read more

The strangest thing has been the new television

Today’s Oneword: Television The strangest thing has been the new television. They were unheard of here until a couple of years ago, but now I see them more and more. The people seem listless now, instead of the vibrancy I saw on my first trip here. I don’t yet understand the allure of watching someone … Read more

On the Radio, Nov. 30

Voice for print? No worries! Turns out I’ll be discussing writing and more on an upcoming radio show… Throughout November, Eugene’s All Comedy 1450 AM Radio is featuring artists who use the Eugene A Go-Go website to promote their works and events. On Sat., Nov. 30, the show’s theme is writing, and I’ll be on … Read more

Once a village that was nearly destroyed

Today’s Oneword: Defended This city was once a village that was nearly destroyed. Long ago, it’s said. Something that could have ruined the world, all life as we know it, all life at all. The place was barely defended. But they fought it back. They must have, anyway, because we’re all here. More 1-minute glimpses … Read more

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Civil War Tailgate Dinner, Mystery Wort Beer Judging, Coffee Ale Fest, Homebrew Meetup

Nov. 21, 2013, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Civil War Tailgate Dinner At The Bier Stein, Nov. 26 A limited number of first-come-first-serve tickets have been made available ($40) for the next Bier Stein beer dinner, Tues. Nov. 26, 6-8:30 p.m. The theme? Civil War! Beers from Hop Valley (Eugene/Springfield) and Flat Tail (Corvallis) come together … Read more

As if they were suns themselves

Today’s Oneword: Irreverent The temples shine in the sun as if they were suns themselves. Though the rest of the place is dirty, and smells like an outhouse that hasn’t been mucked out in centuries. Which in some ways it is. I don’t mean to sound irreverent, this city is everything I thought it would … Read more

New Eugene Events at Eugene A Go-Go & 3 Books

Quick update on 3 Rucksack Universe stories, plus how to keep tabs on my local events… New Eugene Events I’ve been sprucing up my profile at the handy Eugene arts and events site Eugene A Go-Go. I’ll be doing more local events and such, and you can keep up with my latest reading, signing or … Read more

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