The smoke alarm rang

Today’s Oneword: Toaster

More 1-minute glimpses into the urban fantasy stories of the Rucksack UniverseShe flung the blackened squares into the trash and twiddled the dial of the toaster. “Surely one will do it,” she said. “It’ll barely toast.” She popped two slices of bread and the rest of her hope into the slots.

The nutty, warm scent of toasting bread filled her nose. Then it transformed into black, acrid burning. The smoke alarm rang.

This time, she threw the toaster in the trash too.

What are these things?

The Oneword website is a writing exercise where you have 60 seconds to write something based on one word, which changes each day. I use it to explore ideas and give you a daily 1-minute glimpse into the Rucksack Universe of travel fiction stories.

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