The strangest thing has been the new television

Today’s Oneword: Television

More 1-minute glimpses into the urban fantasy stories of the Rucksack UniverseThe strangest thing has been the new television. They were unheard of here until a couple of years ago, but now I see them more and more. The people seem listless now, instead of the vibrancy I saw on my first trip here. I don’t yet understand the allure of watching someone else’s life instead of living your own, but I can’t bear to let myself watch, a, a telly, for fear of getting just as sucked in, as if surrendering my life for the sake of being still.

What are these things?

The Oneword website is a writing exercise where you have 60 seconds to write something based on one word, which changes each day. I use it to explore ideas and give you a daily 1-minute glimpse into the Rucksack Universe of travel fiction stories.

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