What Is Eugene A Go-Go?

Eugene A G-Go

So you live in the Eugene/Springfield area. You love checking out the arts and lit community. How can you connect with artists, authors and more, and also find cool events?

Enter Eugene A G-Go.

Created by the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE), Eugene A Go-Go helps build connections between patrons, artists, producers and supporters. Artists, authors, musicians and others involved in the arts can post events and other happenings to the site. From theater to film, festivals to exhibits, you then can look for events, venues and artists—all the latest and greatest happenings in the Eugene arts scene.

It’s a cool site, and it’s still growing and gaining more use throughout the area. I’m building up my presence there, as are lots of other artists, writers and more in town.

Connect with the arts and both new and favorite artists today: Go to Eugene A G-Go.com »

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