Month: December 2013

He was smiling as he did it

Today’s Oneword: Aperture He was smiling as he did it, she thought, anger and disgust flooding her. Through the camera she looked, twisting a dial to change the aperture. “Bet you never thought anyone would see you doing this,” she said softly, then snapped the picture. More postcards from the Rucksack Universe » See this … Read More

But who is he?

Today’s Oneword: Colonel “But who is he?” “He’s just himself.” “Come on, a man like that, he must have known command, leadership. Colonel, general, admiral, boss, mayor, king, come on, what?” “He has no title. None who he leads know that he leads. That is why he is so effective.” More postcards from the Rucksack … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Best Nano, Winter Fest, Homebrew Meetup, Happy Holidays

Dec. 12, 2013, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Claim 52 Named Best Nano Brewery in Oregon Congratulations, Claim 52 Brewing! One of Eugene’s newest craft breweries, Claim 52 was recently named “Best Nano in Oregon” in the Annual Reader’s Choice Awards from the Northwest Brewing News: Claim 52’s reputation for good workaday beers has been growing … Read More

You may have to improv

Today’s Oneword: Improv “You may have to improv,” she said, trying not to look down. “Surely it’s not that strange a situation,” he replied. “I’ll grant you that you’re probably not the first person to try to cross a border while not wearing pants,” she said. “But completely naked? I’m pretty sure that’s a new … Read More

The Martini of Destiny: Now Available in Paperback

I love that new book smell. I’ve been breathing it in ever since getting the first proofs of the trade paperback edition of The Martini of Destiny. And now, after much ado about printing and after many requests to bring this urban fantasy novella to paperback, I am so, so stoked to give you what … Read More

The guru shuddered

Today’s Oneword: Meanwhile The motorcycle stood at the edge of the cliff. Meanwhile, the guru looked up from his desk in his high tower in London. The woman took off her helmet and stared north. The guru shuddered. The woman started the engine. It’s a long way from Tibet to England, she thought, but I’m … Read More

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