Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Mr. IPA, KLCC Brew Fest, Homebrew Competition & Meetup

Jan. 23, 2014, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup

Hop Valley Pulls Mr. IPA Over Name Flap

Image: Hop Valley Brewing Co.
Image: Hop Valley Brewing Co.

Earlier this month, Beervana posted about Hop Valley’s Mr. IPA potentially being a shorthand for “Mouth Raper IPA.” In addition to discussing the nuts and bolts of the issue in this week’s roundup, I’ve also written a followup about craft beer’s naming problems here. (BTW, the beer name has appeared as “MR IPA,” “Mr IPA,” and “Mr. IPA.” Hop Valley used “Mr. IPA” in their followup post, and I’m going to use the brewery’s spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.)

Here’s a bit from the Beervana post:

“I was at Beermongers about a month ago and saw that Hop Valley had a beer on tap called “Mouth Raper IPA.” I had always known that beer as “MR IPA” or “Mr. IPA,” but apparently the real name is–according to the bartenders there at Beermongers–Mouth Raper. That’s what it says on the keg and that’s what it says on the bill of lading (according to said bartenders).” (full post here)

A few days later, Jezebel picked up the story.

Hop Valley has since said on their Facebook page and Twitter feed that Mouth Raper is not the name of the beer, and that they were pulling the product. Here’s the Facebook post and replies:

Was it Mr. IPA, or MR IPA, or Mr IPA, or Mouth Raper IPA? I don’t know. A lot of folks have claimed there being credible sources backing up the beer’s name being Mouth Raper. Many, most notably Chip Hardy of Eugene’s The Bier Stein, have said that they’ve never seen any evidence the beer was named anything other than Mr. IPA:

“I think what one brewer calls it, and what a company calls it, are two different things. Officially, to the public, the beer is Mr IPA. Shame on any beer bar that calls it anything else than what is listed on the invoice. As a company, Hop Valley is doing no wrong. When we tapped our keg, it was called Mr IPA on our screens. For Beermongers to call it “Mouth Raper” is doing a mis-service to the industry.” (see Chip’s comment here)

I have no smoking gun to prove the name one way or the other. I hope to hell the name wasn’t Mouth Raper, and I hope Hop Valley would know better.

In the meantime, Hop Valley has pulled the beer. No word yet on whether or not the beer is coming back under a different name.

This flap reminds us of a bigger problem in the industry: stupid beer names based on sexually demeaning words and images. More on that in my follow-up post about getting beer names out of the locker room »

KLCC Microbrew Festival, Feb. 7-8

KLCC Microbrew FestivalLane Events Center, 796 W. 13th Ave, Eugene, Friday 5-11 p.m. & Saturday 1-11 p.m.

Fest time! The annual KLCC Microbrew Fest is almost here. Local beer fans can enjoy the beers of over 60 breweries from Oregon, California, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Illinois—even Vermont.

Breweries will pour samples of their most popular brews and many specialty brews, such as Tripp’s Hop Adventure from 21st Amendment of San Francisco, Pure Sin from Deluxe of Albany, Savant IPA from Elysian of Seattle, and Foggy Scotsman Porter from Plank Town of Springfield!

Over 150 microbrews will be on tap for tasting, plus ciders, mead, braggot, and gluten-free beers.

Each year also offers a Collaboration Brew, where local brewers each brew a beer based on a set style or theme. For 2014, the Collaboration Brew is a “Tour of Germany.” Thirteen local brewers each chose a different style of German beer and set a recipe based on the Reinheitsgebot, the 1487 German purity law specifying that beer may include only barley, hops, and water. Take your own tour of Germany at the Collaboration Booth.

Tickets are $12 in advance, on sale now at, or $15 at the door. Admission includes 3 beer tastings and a souvenir glass. 21 and over. Special $6 designated driver tickets are also available, with full paying customer; purchase at door only.

All proceeds benefit public radio station KLCC 89.7 FM.

Homebrew Competition at Microbrew Fest

Area homebrewers, you have until Jan. 31 to enter the KLCC Microbrew Fest Homebrew Competition!

Entry fee is $10 for the first beer and $5 for each additional beer you want judged. The fee also includes one ticket to the KLCC Microbrew Festival. Winners will be announced at the Festival on Saturday evening, February 8.

Judging follows 2008 BJCP Guidelines and is a BJCP sanctioned event. All judging will be supervised by certified judges.

Prizes and certificates provided by Falling Sky Brewing, KLCC, and other local businesses. The Best-of-Show winner gets to be “brewer for a day” and brew their winning recipe at Falling Sky Brewing, and potentially be entered in the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am Competition.

Download the homebrew competition registration form (PDF) »

Monthly Homebrew Meetup

Cascade Brewers Society, Eugene, Oregon

Cascade Brewers Society Meeting Jan. 27

The Eugene-area club for homebrewers, the Cascade Brewers Society holds their monthly meeting on the last Monday of the month. The January meeting is Mon., Jan. 27, 7 p.m., in the downstairs room at the Rogue Ales Public House, 844 Olive St., Eugene.

The meeting is open to all area homebrewers. There will be a discussion about an aspect of homebrewing, and homebrewers are welcome to bring homebrew to share.

More info at »

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