Here’s the Second Piece of the HOME SWEET ROAD Cover

Here’s the second piece of the cover of Home Sweet Road, available soon.

Second piece of the Home Sweet Road cover

2 down, 2 to go!

Have a taste

Here’s the beginning of the story:

The day the mountain arrived in the hills, the Awen of Ireland skipped her usual hostel chores and checked the floor, the wall, and the rock.

Satisfied that all was in order and everything was still where it was supposed to be hidden, Aisling left the rock and started back toward the hostel. The morning mists swirled around her in the soft light, and she felt the dampness in the curls of her hair, red as Australia’s Uluru and curly as the bends in a Himalayan road. West and in front of her, the small town of Clifden, Ireland, nestled in the hills. Aisling breathed in the air, salty from the sea and peaty from the bog where she was walking, and she listened to what it told her. The air and the earth told her the same thing, and so did the ocean on the breeze and the mists drizzling from the clouds.

They’re coming. They’re coming.

Home Sweet Road will be available in trade paperback and Kindle edition e-book (and will later be available worldwide in other e-book formats).

About Home Sweet Road

“The hills of the Twelve Bens whisper long-lost secrets that pass through the town of Clifden and sail their dreams and messages across the Atlantic Ocean to the rest of the world. Located at Ireland’s western edge, Clifden is the unofficial capital of Connemara. A little over an hour’s drive from New Galway, on your way you’ll meander through scenic boglands, and you can visit The Blast Memorial in the ruins of Galway. An Irish legend speaks of great power and otherworldly beings in Clifden, but today’s globetrotter comes to hike the Twelve Bens and to enjoy the hospitality of the Eighth Wonder of the World Hostel. Be sure to visit The Salt and Crane for an Irish breakfast, the best pint of Galway Pradesh Stout west of Dublin, and the daily (and nightly) live music sessions.”

— Guru Deep, Ireland Through the Third Eye

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