Live the World. Welcome to the Rucksack Universe

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Have you ever wanted to grab your pack and head off to Somewhere Else? Maybe it was Anywhere Else, As Long As It Wasn’t Bloody Here. Or maybe you needed to see Everywhere Else. Maybe travel is your life. Maybe it’s a distant dream. Wherever you are now, welcome, traveler, to the Rucksack Universe.

A new world of travel fantasy and adventure

The travel fantasy and urban fantasy stories of the Rucksack Universe series are published by Rucksack Press and author Anthony St. Clair. Readers call these “cheeky, sophisticated” tales “buoyant with a unique humor, twist and focus on international travel,” “funny without overreaching,” and “perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.”

If you share my belief that the journey matters at least as much as the destination, then these stories are for you.

Your totally, fantastically made-up guidebook to adventure

Whether you do your traveling by armchair or are on a chicken bus riding perilously close to the edge of a cliff for 10 hours, there’s a Rucksack Universe story for you.

The Rucksack Universe isn’t a series in the typical sense of the word. There’s no set starting point—or end point, for that matter.  The journey is what matters, and the stories are the journey. Like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, there is no set reading order. You can come to the series at any time, with any book, and have a good time.

Like Doctor Who, the series twists, turns, and reinvents itself in unexpected ways. Yet like Great A’Tuin, the World Turtle traveling through space with 4 elephants and Discworld on its back, the stories know exactly where they are going—but it’s how they get there that matters most.

Stoke your wanderlust

Rucksack Universe stories are available in e-book and paperback wherever you buy books. (If you ever have trouble ordering a title from your preferred bookstore, let me know and I’ll sort things out.)

The first work released in the series, The Martini of Destiny, is available now as a novella in e-book and paperback. More info and stores at its official page, or order now from You can also enter a giveaway for free books and a $25 gift certificate (open through Jan. 7).

A second novella, Home Sweet Road, will be released soon. More info and updates at its official page »

The first novel in the series, Forever the Road, will be released this year. More info and updates at its official page »

And more are underway. Enjoy.

Stoke your wanderlust. Have a laugh. Love your life. Live the world.

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