Soundtrack: The Music of Home Sweet Road

I love music. When I’m working on Rucksack Universe stories, I come up with a playlist that fits the story, and helps me be in the world of that particular tale.

Since Home Sweet Road is set in Ireland, it was only natural that Celtic music figure big in the music I needed to be immersed in the world of the story. Here are the songs from my playlist, along with a few videos that I especially love. Where I can, I’ve included a link to the song on the iTunes store:

Home Sweet Road Playlist

Some of my favorite songs

Galway Girl, The High Kings

Now, I love the original Steve Earle version too, but The High Kings have quickly become one of my favorite groups. Their cover, from their 2013 release Friends for Life, gets me every time.

Catharsis, Natalie MacMaster

My wife introduced me to this enthralling tune, and every time I hear it now, I think not only of my time in Ireland, but of my characters and all the things starting to unfold in their lives.

Gilies (The Sleeping Tune/The Noose and the Gillies), Wolfstone

For starters, you really do learn something new every day. I first encountered this set in the compilation Playing With Fire: Contemporary Celtic Instrumentals. However, that listed the track not as “Sleeping Tune,” but as “Sleeping Tuna.” Tuna.

For the longest time I’ve wondered what the hell a sleeping tuna had to do with a Celtic song. (Granted, it’s not that far a stretch, given some of the names these tunes have). But “Sleeping Tune” makes so much more sense.

Marie’s Wedding, The High Kings

This song is my current go-to stompalicious gotta grin, clap, and sing tune. My son and I often dance around the kitchen to it.

Breton Gavottes, Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke and Mícheál O’Domhnaill do a wonderful rendition of this tune on their album Portland, but I couldn’t find a video. Here’s another version:

Enjoy the music, and see you in Ireland.

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