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Judy Goodwin: Author Interview with Anthony St. Clair »

Judy Goodwin interviews author Anthony St. Clair

Author Judy Goodwin likes to interview other authors on her website. She just published an interview with me, her last before going into launch mode for her next book, Journey to Landaran (here’s more about her books, and her Amazon author page).

In the interview we talk about how travel has influenced my fiction, the importance of purpose, my new book Home Sweet Road, and the best friend question. Here’s an excerpt:

“My purpose is simple: I want everyone to enjoy full lives, to live the world in whatever way that means for them. So many people are not happy with where they are and what they’re doing. If my stories help people find within themselves the courage, love, and focus to do what they yearn to do, then every word I’ve written is worthwhile.”

Here’s the full interview »

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