Month: March 2014

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Best Stouts, New Ninkasi Brewery

Mar. 20, 2014, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Oregon Goes Strong on List of Best Stouts St. Patrick’s Day have you thirsty for more stout? If you’re like me, you can never get enough of it. But what is out there beyond the world of Guinness? Luckily, Thrillist made this easy with their list of 11 … Read More

Beerpunk, Travel, Fantasy & More: Sword & Laser Hangout

Yup, this happened. Beerpunk, travel tips, fantasy, making fantasy and travel work together… and more. Here’s Tom and Veronica from The Sword and Laser talking with me about the Rucksack Universe, Home Sweet Road, travel, and Forever the Road. (If you subscribe to the podcast, I believe this will also go out on there sometime … Read More

Sword & Laser Author Interview, Wed. Mar. 19, 2014

[UPDATE: This interview originally was going to be Mar. 18, but had to be rescheduled for Wed., Mar. 19, 4pm PT.] If you aren’t familiar with it already, The Sword & Laser is a wonderful online book group for science fiction and fantasy readers. The hosts, Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont, lead online discussions, have … Read More

Giveaway Winners

The wait is over! Thank you to everyone who entered and shared both giveaways for Home Sweet Road. One was through my website and social media, and the other was through Goodreads. 70 people were entered into the giveaway through my site. Namaste and thank you! The Goodreads giveaway got 1,452 entries—more than The Martini … Read More

Giveaway Closed, Winners Soon

Thank you to everyone who entered the Home Sweet Road giveaways! The response has more than I could have hoped, and I am so amazed and humbled. The giveaways are now closed, and I’ll announce winners Mar. 14, 2014. P.S. Psst, over here. Forever the Road, the first Rucksack Universe novel, is coming out soon. … Read More

New Interview: “Put on your hard hat and get it done”

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Wyatt Christman to talk about writing, travel, getting stuff done, Home Sweet Road, and my story process on Wyatt’s Creative Habits Podcast. You can listen to the full interview here. Video snippets are coming too. Why the Rucksack Universe needs to exist… I want my stories … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Slow Food & Bottle Caps

Mar. 6, 2014, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Agrarian Ales’ Ben Tilley Talks Slow Food As part of an ongoing 2nd Tuesday Lecture Series about Slow Food in the Lane County region, Ben Tilley from Agrarian Ales will be at the 16 Tons Cafe on Mar. 11. The intent of the series is to help people … Read More

The No I Was Hoping For

“That sounds like a fascinating book,” said the BIG NAME PUBLISHING HOUSE editor, “but I just don’t think our salespeople will know how to talk about it.” So that was it. One of the largest fantasy publishers in the U.S. had told me they didn’t know what to do with my book. Therefore, they didn’t … Read More

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