New Interview: “Put on your hard hat and get it done”

Podcast interview (stream online)
Podcast interview (stream online)

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Wyatt Christman to talk about writing, travel, getting stuff done, Home Sweet Road, and my story process on Wyatt’s Creative Habits Podcast.

You can listen to the full interview here. Video snippets are coming too.

Why the Rucksack Universe needs to exist…

I want my stories to inspire people to live the world in whatever way that means to them…whatever gets them to the love and the strength and the sheer grit that it takes to do what they feel like they are burning to do and haven’t done yet…I want my stories to entertain but I also want them to help people find that same kind of courage in themselves

On writing…

As the old saying goes ‘done is better than perfect’ and I just wasn’t getting stuff done. Now I can put in that time to plan and think through and feel through the story and the characters…I can draft out that scene in part because I have done so much advanced planning”

Writing has a lot more in common with that sort of project than we actually give it credit for…it is an art it is an amazing art but it’s a craft and you’ve got to get up it doesn’t matter how the day is, you get up, you put on your hardhat and you get it done

Full interview: “Put on your hard hat and get it done” – Anthony St. Clair Travel Fantasy Author on Creative Habits Podcast with Wyatt Christman

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