10 Must-Follow Indie Travel Blogs & Globetrotters

Amazing indie travel bloggers, writers, podcasters, and photographers abound nowadays. Not only do these globetrotters come from everywhere and travel anywhere, they take the extra time to share their adventures with those of us at home.

Here are 10 travel bloggers in particular I really enjoy and wanted to share with you.

1. Beth and Randy, Beers And Beans

Cool travel blogs - go to Beers and Beans

Warning: If this site doesn’t leave you open-mouthed and grabbing for your passport, you may be lacking a pulse. Beth and Randy use their site—and their 8-million-follower Pinterest boards—to create “travel experiences”. They don’t just show and tell you the world, they immerse you in their adventures. From amazing places to wonderful food and drink, this site is a compelling argument for a smell-and-taste Internet.

Follow their adventures on Twitter @BeersandBeans and Beers And Beans.com.

2. Jeannie Mark, Nomadic Chick

Cool travel blogs - go to Nomadic Chick

“Putting the gypsy back into travel and life!” Jeannie describes herself as a former corporate cog. In 2010 she broke free and now explores the world as a traveler and writer. She also curates a cool Travel Books section, with a focus on women travel writers.

Follow Jeannie’s adventures on Twitter @nomadicchick and Nomadic Chick.com.

3. Mirra Fine & Daniel Klein, The Perennial Plate

Cool travel blogs - go to The Perennial Plate

I first learned about Mirra and Daniel’s Perennial Plate project through their regular appearances on the wonderful radio show and podcast The Splendid Table. Their online weekly documentary series won a 2013 James Beard Award for their work sharing socially responsible and adventurous eating, and also showing us how our food systems and cultures are increasingly interdependent.

Follow their adventures on Twitter @perennialplate and The Perennial Plate.com.

4. Gray Cargill, Solo Friendly

Cool travel blogs - go to Solo Friendly

Long-time solo travel blogger, writer and amateur photographer Gray Cargill loves to talk travel. His adventures and site give others the info and inspiration to truly tackle the world on their own.

Follow Gray’s adventures on Twitter @SoloFriendly and Solo Friendly.com.

5. Dave & Deb, The Planet D

Cool travel blogs - go to The Planet D

Blogging. Photos. Videos. Globetrotting. Through 80 countries on all 7 continents, this travel couple have pretty much done it all, and they have the awards and stories and photos to show for it.

Follow their adventures on Twitter @theplanetd and The Planet D.com.

6. Akila and Patrick, The Road Forks

Cool travel blogs - go to The Road Forks

Does it get better than travel and food? Beautiful photographs and fascinating stories from a couple traveling the world. Beautiful site too.

Follow their adventures on Twitter @theroadforks and The Road Forks.com

7. Jane Meighan, Runaway Jane

Cool travel blogs - go to Runaway Jane

Jane offers practical tips for budget travelers, and she’s been doing solo travel since 2006. Last in South America she’s momentarily been back home in Scotland (woo-hoo Scotland!), but this speaker, blogger and travel industry expert will likely be back on the road soon enough.

Follow Jane’s adventures on Twitter at @runawayjane and Runaway Jane.com.

8. Craig & Linda Martin, Indie Travel Podcast

Cool travel blogs - go to Indie Travel Podcast

These New Zealanders have traveled the world as a couple for quite some time. Their Lonely Planet award-winning travel podcast is mellow, informative, and fun to listen to. They also have a side effect of making me yearn to head to New Zealand.

Follow their adventures on Twitter @indietravel and Indie Travel Podcast.com.

9. Kate McCulley, Adventurous Kate

Cool travel blogs - go to Adventurous Kate

Kate quit her job at age 26 to travel, and it changed her life. Now, she’s devoted to showing women how to travel safely, happily, and more adventurously. She’s also always in the midst of not only cool travels but fascinating projects and ideas.

Follow Kate’s adventures on Twitter @adventurouskate and Adventurous Kate.com.

Also check out her Someone Once Told Me (SOTM) project. She and Mario Cacciottolo are traveling the world to ask people a very important question: “What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever been told?”

10. Dalene & Pete Heck, Hectic Travels

Cool travel blogs - go to Hecktic Travels

No possessions. No plans. Just travel. This Canadian couple sold everything in 2009 to travel the world. They are also experts in house-sitting and how that can help people travel and fund their trips. Beautiful site.

Follow their adventures on Twitter @HeckticTravels and Hectic Travels.com.

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