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I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but for good reasons (more on that in a later post). Of late though, the Internet has kindly been unquiet about my wee Rucksack Universe stories

Kobo Next Features Home Sweet Road

Home Sweet Road listed on Kobo Next alongside titles from Hugh Howey and Lindsay Buroker.
Hugh Howey. Lindsay Buroker… Anthony St. Clair?

Kobo fans, you may be familiar with Kobo Next, Kobo’s list of suggested titles from up-and-coming authors:

Are you searching for a new author to enjoy? Would you love to find a hidden gem that you can recommend to all your friends? Kobo Next eBooks allows readers to discover lesser-known authors who are poised to become the next big thing. If you want to be the first to read a book that could soon become a bestseller, Kobo Next is for you.

Buy now from KoboWell, Kobo Next has Home Sweet Road listed in their Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reads, right alongside other indie authors such as Lindsay Buroker and Hugh Howey.

Thanks a million to Kobo for the listing, and to folks soon to read Home Sweet Road on their Kobo device!

Home Sweet Road E-book Comes to New Stores

In addition to getting the e-book edition of Home Sweet Road at Kobo, you can also get it in some other new stores too:

Buy now from Barnes and Noble

Buy now from Smashwords

Buy now from Books-A-Million

Home Sweet Road will be coming to more stores in the next few weeks, including iBooks. You can always find a full list of store here, or ask for the paperback in your favorite bookstore.


Home Sweet Road now has 4 5-star reviews at Amazon.com! Here’s the most recent:

Home Sweet Road caught me and wouldn’t let go. The magic of Ireland whispers through this story. You can smell the smoke of peat fires and the briny sea and the rich green grass. You can hear the music drifting through a traditional Irish pub and feel the friendly camaraderie you may have experienced if you ever visited one. But a new edge will soon take you away from the familiar you thought you knew, as a new kind of magic begins to make you wary. Who can you trust in this Ireland of a later date beyond our own time, maybe a wee bit beyond our own realm? Or maybe far beyond. Aisling, novice Awen of Ireland, wants to know. Needs to know.

Lucky for me this book’s a novella, because it would have been a late night. I picked it up one evening just to see how the book started out. Sometime later that night I finished it, and knew that the next night I had to go back to the beginning book in the series I’d meant to read first. Home Sweet Road is a delightful read, especially for those who love to travel—even if only in their armchairs.

If you haven’t reviewed Home Sweet Road yet, I hope you’ll take a minute or two and do so. Even a couple of sentences is a big help. Reviews are one of the major ways readers find new authors like me. Review Home Sweet Road at your favorite online bookstore, and thank you!

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