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Day 26: 75 Days Till Forever the Road

Download a free sample of Forever the Road
Download a free sample of Forever the Road!

Ready for a taste of forever? Below is the beginning of Forever the Road. You can now get a taste of the third Rucksack Universe book: the first 3 scenes are available in a free PDF.

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“It could be a mirror eclipse,” Rucksack said to Jade. Her hand jerked. The pint glass banged against the tap, sending the black Galway Pradesh Stout foaming and sloshing. She set it down so the beer could settle before resuming the seven-minute pour that made for a perfect pint of GPS.

“But there hasn’t been a mirror eclipse since The Blast,” she replied. “And that was nearly two hundred years ago.”

Rucksack looked up from the newspaper and ran his gloved left hand over his bald brown head. A dark sadness flickered over his eyes, as brown and black as earth and trees. “Well, in two month’s time, there may be.”
Forever the Road

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100 Days to Forever

On Sept. 8, 2014, Forever the Road, the third Rucksack Universe book, will be released as an e-book and trade paperback worldwide.

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