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Day 6: 95 Days till FOREVER THE ROAD

“I’m Himalayan by birth, Irish by fortune, and myself by choice.”

So far in the Rucksack Universe, we’ve met folks like Jake Hongkong, Jay the world’s greatest traveler, Aisling the Awen of Ireland, and Declan.

And, along with a wee cameo in Home Sweet Road, in The Martini of Destiny we had our first enigmatic encounter with the stout-swigging, ever-mysterious, anywhere-faced, gloved-left-handed who-the-feck-are-ya-anyway Faddah Rucksack, the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage.

Faddah Rucksack. Just “Rucksack” will do. Or, if you’re a bartending, destiny-slinging Jake or Jade, you might as well call him “let me get you another pint of Galway Pradesh Stout.”

Personally, I’ve always figured Rucksack for a combination of Morpheus from The Matrix…

…and the fourteenth Dalai Lama…

(BTW, he’s certainly as bald, but no glasses.)

Or, to put that another way, I’ve always considered Rucksack as what would happen if The Doctor from Doctor Who and Nanny Ogg from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld had a lovechild.

How’s THAT for a crossover?!?

As you can probably guess, the Rucksack Universe is ultimately the story of Faddah Rucksack. Everything that’s happened in other stories, and everything happening in Forever the Road, ties back to him in one way or another.

But who the hell is Rucksack anyway? Unfortunately, Rucksack tends to be very evasive when it comes to answering questions. But let’s give it a go anyway.

A Quick Q&A

Who is Rucksack?

“Some say he’s a broken hero,” said the figure in blue and green.

“Some say he’s the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage,” said the figure in brown and black.

“Some say he’s just a freeloading drunk,” said the figure in silver and gold.

“None of these things has ever been proven,” they all said together. “All we know is that he is an unknown quantity.”

Rucksack is from the Himalayas and India. However, he also lived a long time in Ireland.

Why did you move to Ireland?

“That’s a boring story o’ youth and a family that had to flee for their lives. Nothing that would interest you.”

In addition to having a face that makes him seem like he could be from anywhere, Rucksack is also distinguished by wearing a black leather glove on his left hand. No one knows why, but let’s ask.

What’s up with the gloved left hand?

“You wouldn’t want to hear about that. It’s a gruesome tale involving an innovative effort to come up with the world’s first piecrust flattener machine.”

Sigh. See what I mean? The bugger can’t stand to answer a question.

Why you gotta be like that?

“Myth is the best camouflage for the real.”

Nonetheless, there’s far more to Rucksack than a love of beer and a tendency to never directly answer a question. Let’s ask someone else…

Is there more to Rucksack than meets the eye?

His heart beats like a person’s. He breathes and blinks. He drinks and eats… and drinks. The sun, cold, wind, water, and dust of the world are etched into him like tattoos. He could seem like other people. Except for this emptiness, this loneliness around him. He is so alive, life burns like a fire in him and hums like a song, but he has no path…. He transformed his grief into gold, a rich happiness that didn’t serve him but served to bring out the joy in others, since he seemed not to have any of his own.

And in Forever the Road, we’re going to start learning how much more to Rucksack there really is.

What should we do in the meantime, Rucksack?

Raise those pints. There’s no such thing as the sound o’ one glass clinking.

I’ll drink to that.

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