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Day 41: 60 Days Till Forever the Road

In The Martini of Destiny we met Jake Hongkong, and in Home Sweet Road we met Jake Connemara.

Now it’s time to meet our first Jade, a major player in Forever the Road: the more-than-a-bartender Jade Agamuskara Bluegold.

What’s in a name?

Jakes and Jades are the destiny-slinging bartenders who keep decision, destiny, and existence on a preferred course. (Who’s doing the preferring is another matter.)

And in Forever the Road, we meet not only one of the global group of Jades, we meet the one who is regarded as the best of the best:

The only person behind the bar was Jade, and she moved so quickly that Jay could hardly keep his eyes on her. He watched her as best he could, fascinated with how regally and gracefully she moved. No glass slipped from her hands. No miscounted change dropped to the bar. No patron even had to repeat a drink order. And Jade never stopped moving. Her every motion was efficient to the point of ruthless yet elegant as a bird in flight.

Jakes and Jades have full names. In the case of Jakes, their first name and title is Jake, followed by the placename of where they serveā€”e.g., Jake Hongkong. Jakes serve one place for the duration of their service. Sometimes they’re also referred to by their placename, such as “Connemara, another pint of stout, please.”

Jades are a little different. Like the queens in chess, Jades can be moved around more often, depending on where the need is greatest. Their names are a little different too.

Jade is a title and often used as a first name (though in this case it is also this woman’s original name).

Agamuskara A Jade’s middle name is based on where the Jade currently serves. This can change. In this case, Jade serves in Agamuskara, India. Jades may also be referred to based on where they serve, such as “the Jade of Agamuskara.”

Bluegold is a Jade’s last name, based on the Jade’s eye color. Jade has eyes of blue and gold, so Bluegold it is. Sometimes they are also called by their last name, as in, “Bluegold, thank you for all your years of faithful service.”

We will learn much about Jade… but it’s barely the beginning of all there is to her. While Forever the Road is when we first get introduced to Jade and share some of her journey, this is not actually the first time we’ve encountered her. Not that she’s one to let the past hang on too tightly…

She found no comfort in memory. She didn’t want to remind herself of people who couldn’t remember her. Mementos kept the past important, but the past could not matter to her.

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