“Indie globetrotting travel, and a fair bit of good beer!” – 100 Days to Forever



Day 66: Speculative Fiction Author Shah Wharton Features FOREVER THE ROAD

Shah Warton - Rucksack Universe, Anthony St. Clair, Forever the Road

Shah Warton, author of Finding Esta, is featuring me and FOREVER THE ROAD at her blog:

“An avid reader who loves to live the world, Anthony knew he wasn’t the only traveler who always needs a good book on the road. He is a long-time fan of Douglas Adams, Tom Robbins and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, as well as television shows such as Doctor Who, Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anthony’s Rucksack Universe travel fiction brings a similar off-the-cuff, irreverent, ordinarily profound, fantastical spin to globetrotting, indie travel and life itself.

Check out the post: ‘Indie globetrotting travel, and a fair bit of good beer!’ #spec-fic #fantasy | Shah Wharton »

From the Book

“Being truthful is not the same thing as telling an entire truth.”
Forever the Road

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100 Days to Forever

On Sept. 8, 2014, Forever the Road, the third Rucksack Universe book, will be released as an e-book and trade paperback worldwide.

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