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Day 87: And Now the Plunge

Forever the Road - Paperback, Kindle, E-book - Anthony St. Clair
Paperback and e-book siblings.

Pssssst. Hey! Come a little closer. Gotta tell ya something. Excuse me while I scope this place out, you know, to make sure this is a private conversation. Okay. Good. Since it’s only you and me here, I wanted to let you in on a little something something.

Forever the Road’s worldwide release is Sept. 8. You know that. I know that. But. Getting books published is a bit of a process. You want to make sure stuff is working right—and that usually means that some of those “available” switches have to be flipped on for a wee while before you’re actually saying much about it.

So right now, here’s the lowdown on where you can pre-order the Forever the Road e-book… and where you can get the e-book and paperback—ssshhhh—now.

Pre-Order the E-book

When you pre-order a book, you’ll receive the book and be charged for it on the day it comes out. So you can order Forever the Road now, and you’ll get it on the release day, Sept. 8. (That’s also the day your card will be charged). You can pre-order Forever the Road’s e-book edition for $4.99 from these fine online stores:

Buy now from the Amazon Kindle Store

Get it on iBooks

Buy now from Kobo

Buy from Smashwords

Buy now from Barnes and Noble

Get the E-book and the Paperback… Now (Sssshhhhhh!)

Forever the Road - Box of Paperbacks - AnthonySt. Clair
August is author Christmas! This box o’ books arrived while I was finishing this post.

Grin grin wink wink nudge:

We are still in pre-launch mode, but you can Forever the Road from a couple of places right now.

Including directly from the author! Email me ( for details on how to order autographed paperbacks (the first 100 copies will also be numbered).


[selz link=”” show_logos=”true” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#f37121″ link_color=”#0077bf” type=”button” position=”default” interact=”modal”]

Paperback ($15.99)

Buy now from

Buy now from CreateSpace

Two Weeks to Go!

Sept. 8 is almost here. Thank you for all your support, kind words, and excitement!

From the Book

“When given a choice, sometimes the best thing to do is take both.”
Forever the Road

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100 Days to Forever

On Sept. 8, 2014, Forever the Road, the third Rucksack Universe book, will be released as an e-book and trade paperback worldwide.

During our 100 Days to Forever lead-up, you can follow all the adventure on the blog via the 100 Days to Forever category, on my email list, and at the #100DaysToForever hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


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