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Day 71: 1 Month Till Forever the Road

You made a decision. Then, down the road, you realized you were wrong. And as an example, let’s say you figured that out about a month ahead of your third book coming out. So what do you do about it?

The short answer is simple. You own up, apologize, mean it, and do something else.

For me, that means owning up and saying I’m sorry about a mistake I made with Forever the Road.

About The Mistake

One of the great things about running my business is that as both an author and a publisher, I ultimately have the say over my work and how it goes out into the world. Content, cover, distribution, pricing, you name it. I love being the captain not only of my soul, but of my creative work.

One of the difficult things about running my business is that as both an author and a publisher, I ultimately have the say over my work.

Yes, I did say the same thing there.

When something is wrong, the error is likely down to me and a decision I made. Like Dumbledore in Harry Potter, I won’t be so arrogant as to claim total control or blame, but when you run your own business, odds are a mistake has something to do with a decision you made, not somebody else.

So where did I screw up?

The cover? No. It’s distinctive, true to my brand as an author, and frankly, the cover looks really damn cool. The story? No. Sure, I’ll do better on the next books, but that’s because learning is a never-ending process. I’m really happy with the story.

I screwed up on the e-book price.

My Mistake

Now, the e-book editions of The Martini of Destiny and Home Sweet Road are $2.99. For Forever the Road, I had originally announced the e-book price would be $5.99.

And that was my mistake.

It took me a while to put my finger on it. That price never fully sat well with me. Since setting it back in late May, I’ve done some researching and soul-searching, and decided that I was wrong.

So I’m changing the price. Because, as I said, one of the great things about running my business is that I make the decisions.

Now To Do Something Else

Effective immediately, the e-book price of Forever the Road is…


Less than a fiver. Less than many foofy coffee drinks. Less than most cocktails.

And, if I may say, far more enjoyable, though also excellent when accompanied by any of the above tasty treats.

So my apologies. If you’ve already pre-ordered the Forever the Road e-book, since you aren’t charged until release day that should all work out fine and you’ll pay the lower price of $4.99. (After launch, if you were charged more, contact the retailer and also let me know. If need-be, I’ll mail you a buck to make things right.)

Onward. To good decisions. To mistakes. And to better decisions that make good.

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“Friends don’t let friends fall off hills.”
Forever the Road

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