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Two Ends of the Pen interview with author Anthony St. Clair

The wonderful folks at Two Ends of the Pen just posted their interview with me. We talk about Forever the Road, my writing and editing process, Home Sweet Road, why I’m an indie author, life, hobbies, and a lot more:

Did you hire an editor to review your manuscript before publishing?
Egads, yes. I’m just as avid a reader as an author, so I know how important it is for a book to be high-quality, error-free, and more polished than the finest diamond.

After intense planning and writing, I have a chief reader and a team of beta readers who read the manuscript first, then I go through multiple revisions until I’ve fixed everything I can possibly fix. From there the manuscript goes to my copy editor, who won my business over half a dozen others. (I will work with him as long as he’ll have me.) Once he’s done, I do a read-out-loud-with-red-pen-and-paper edit, then a final read-through on my Kindle.

On the copyright page of my books I’ve also started including an email address where readers can send corrections. Quality is everything to me.

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