Teaser Tuesday: Book 4 is underway!

From the Big Board
From the Big Board

3 travel fantasy books are out. My wife and I are days away from meeting our second baby. So what am I doing now? Starting the fourth Rucksack Universe book! Technically I’ve been working on it since August, when I first started outlining the story. I recently finished meeting the characters and planning the book—so now it’s time to write!

Book 4 is codenamed “Lotus,” so that’s how I’ll usually refer to it, btw:

Here’s a snippet from this week’s ROUGH drafting:

ON THIS DAY over 10,000 years ago, the man and the woman stood at the edge of the smoking field. Their sad eyes watched the gray-and-black storm clouds roll away, toward the mountains beyond the valley. Where the clouds went, rain came. Where rain came, life followed. Unless the fire came too. And the fire had come, slashing silver through the storm’s thick air and gloom, into the center of vast field.

“The barley had just gone from green to pale,” said the woman. “It was almost ready for harvest.”

The man nodded. He reached for her hand. When she squeezed back, silent tears made tracks through the dust covering their dark brown faces. “All that work,” said the man. He stared at her growing belly. “All that food.”

The smoke had brought them. Though they had come with buckets of sand and buckets of water, the terrible orange flowers had bloomed blazing. The heat had driven them back, until all they could do was watch, refusing to turn away.

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