Teaser Tuesday: What is the secret?

You know what sucks? When it’s 20ºF on a Sunday evening—and your heat goes kaput. We heat our home with a pellet stove. It’s awesome and pumps out a lot of heat. That is, until it makes clunky noises and stops working. Also sucky? When your service guys are so swamped they can’t even get … Read more

2 Homebrew Clubs & More Craft Beer Stories

Here in Oregon, the cities of Eugene and Corvallis are known for their football-driven rivalry. During November, that comes to a head in the Civil War game. And when it comes to beer and homebrew, there’s lots going on in both cities too. In the November 2014 edition of the Oregon Beer Growler, I’ve written … Read more

November News: Baby Marvelous, Lotus, Quality, Ethics & New Author Interview

November! Autumnal temperatures. Dark beer. And lots and lots of writing. It is chilly in Eugene today, but thanks to my wife’s incredible knitting skills, I am cozy warm in one of my hand-knit man sweaters. Here’s a man sweater selfie, plus news of the latest in my wee world: Lotus Drafting continues on the … Read more

Teaser Tuesday: How to Transform Sunshine into Joy

Yesterday I loaded pages into a purple folder and delivered the first half of Act I to my Chief Reader. Lotus is cranking along! As I dig in to the last few scenes of the first act, I’ll do my best to share things that aren’t too spoilery 🙂 Here’s a teaser from the past … Read more

Teaser Tuesday: Always Timeless. Always London!

What a week! Drafting is still off to a strong start, and I’m well underway on the latest Rucksack Universe travel fantasy story. Major characters are being introduced. We’re getting a sense of where we are. We seem on the cusp of major events… but there’s still much to find out about what’s going on. … Read more