November News: Baby Marvelous, Lotus, Quality, Ethics & New Author Interview

November! Autumnal temperatures. Dark beer. And lots and lots of writing. It is chilly in Eugene today, but thanks to my wife’s incredible knitting skills, I am cozy warm in one of my hand-knit man sweaters. Here’s a man sweater selfie, plus news of the latest in my wee world:



Drafting continues on the fourth Rucksack Universe travel fantasy book, codenamed Lotus. I only have a few scenes left to draft in Act 1. Everything I’ve drafted so far is with my Chief Reader. As of this post, I’ve written about 60 pages, not bad for a book I only started writing at the end of October.

Baby Marvelous St. Clair


Our due date for Baby Marvelous St. Clair was Nov. 13. No baby yet, but all is well. Jodie and I are enjoying some one-on-one time with our son, and are just overall keeping things moving toward meeting our new child. Once baby arrives, there will be posts. Oh my will there. Thank you for all your good thoughts and support.

Book Quality & Author Ethics

I Adhere to ALLi’s New Code of Author Ethics

I'm an Ethical Author

Pro authors care about quality & ethics. Here are my commitments to both: &

Given all the paid-review, plagiarism, and various other writer scandals out there, sometimes it’s easy to believe that authors are a bunch of scoundrels. Personally and professionally, I try not to be lying jackass. Quality and truth mean a lot to me; they’re part of why I love running my own business as an author, copywriter, and publisher.

As you may know, I’m obsessive about the process I bring to writing and producing my books. (If you don’t know that, here’s my 15-step process for story & publishing quality: To that end, I’m elated that the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), of which I’m a proud member, has released its Ethical Author guidelines.

As a quality-minded, professional, ethical indie author-publisher, I am committed to upholding these standards in everything I do. That’s not just because it matters to me, but because ultimately, it means better books for you.

You can see my own Author Ethics page here:

New Author Interview at Highlighted Author

Highlighted Author features Anthony St. Clair

Over at Highlighted Author, the wonderful Jo and Charlene were kind enough to feature me and Forever the Road in a new book excerpt and author interview.

We are excited to welcome Anthony St. Clair to the Highlighted Author. From business writer to fiction writer, Anthony shares his rich experiences as a world traveler in each of his books. Hope you enjoy this feature on his newest release, FOREVER THE ROAD, A Rucksack Universe novel! –Jo Grafford, Highlighted Author Co-Hostess

Check out the full interview here: Highlighted Author » Welcome, Anthony St. Clair!

That’s the news from the Rucksack Universe, where the beer is always fresh, all the locals are friendly, and the food never makes you sick.

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