Teaser Tuesday: Always Timeless. Always London!

Image: Dale https://flic.kr/p/eFiX8U

What a week! Drafting is still off to a strong start, and I’m well underway on the latest Rucksack Universe travel fantasy story. Major characters are being introduced. We’re getting a sense of where we are. We seem on the cusp of major events… but there’s still much to find out about what’s going on.

Here’s a wee Tuesday teaser from this past week’s ROUGH drafting of Lotus, Book 4:

IT WOULD HAPPEN AT TEN, said the flat radio voice. As if we don’t know already, thought Branwen as she carried her purple bowl and Zara’s yellow bowl to the kitchen. Well, almost. The short stretch of counter gave a passable impression of being a kitchen, but only if you were good at juggling and didn’t mind moving the plug-in kettle, the dish drainer, and the messy meters of clear plastic tubing when you wanted to make a cup of tea. Or set down the breakfast dishes.

“Zara?” she called, balancing two bowls on one hand while she made room. “Weren’t you going to clear up the tubing and dishes?” Again. Branwen glanced at the narrow door on the wall past the counter. She smiled. At least it’s almost ready.

A horn blared. Outside the window over the sink, four floors below, Branwen stared down at London. Red buses, thick crowds, and the city’s distinctive white taxis bustled. They teemed around the diversions, detours, and delays of construction sites. “ALWAYS TIMELESS. ALWAYS LONDON!” beamed the bright, colorful signs all over the city. The traffic swarmed around the black too. The blackened rocks, the blackened patches of ground, the black moods that still could take the city when they stared too long at what was black. What was black had once been burning.

There was a long time when black had been all that was left of London.

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