Baby St. Clair, Author Fair & A Freshened Up Martini

Welcome to Baby St. Clair

Yeah, I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple weeks. Here’s why:


Aster Madigan St. Clair was born Nov. 22. She and Mama are doing great, and big brother Connor is adapting well to having a wee sister.

As for me, I am straining my grinning muscles and babywearing her every chance I get, including when working. So far Aster isn’t very fond of the sound of my fingers on the keyboard, but I’m sure she’ll get used to it in time. Maybe even find it soothing. Here’s a recent shot of me wearing Aster:


Asters are a type of flower, but there’s more to our daughter’s name than that. “Aster” derives from the Latin and Greek word for stars. I like to think about the interconnectedness there: there are no flowers without stars.

Between Aster, the holidays, and continuing work on Lotus, December will be a lighter month for me ’round these parts. I hope you have wonderful holidays. I’m going to go snuggle my kids some more now.

See You at the Authors & Artists Fair This Saturday

Authors Artists Fair 2014

Looking for your next great read, or some gifts for the holidays? Meet me, dozens of other Oregon authors, and 12 Oregon artists during the 15th Annual 2014 Authors & Artists Fair, hosted by the Lane Library League as a benefit for the countywide Summer Reading Program.

The event is held in the glass-roofed Atrium at the Lane County Fairgrounds, next door to the popular Holiday Market in downtown Eugene. Parking is easy.

FREE admission, suggested $1-5 donation.

Signed and numbered copies of all 3 books currently in the Rucksack Universe series will be available: The Martini of Destiny, Home Sweet Road, and the newest, released in September, Forever the Road. I’ll also be offering my special 3-book Universe Bundle for $28.99, $5 off the combined cover prices.

A portion of the proceeds of all sales goes to benefit the non-profit Lane Library League.

See you Saturday!

Freshening Up Martini

When I released The Martini of Destiny in 2013, I thought the cover was pretty cool. My designer did a sweet job. But over time, as we worked on more books together we came up with a more cohesive and evocative look for the Rucksack Universe books.

In short, it was time to freshen up my Martini. So here it is! All editions of The Martini of Destiny are now available with a new cover:
New cover for The Martini of Destiny

Get it now at your favorite online or real-world bookstore. Or snag it from a certain author—signed copies are available only from me, and just in time for the holidays!

(If you want the original cover edition, limited copies are still available. Contact me to get one before they run out.)

Happy Holidays to you and yours, and may every book you read be amazing!

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