May News for Rucksack Universe Fantasy Books: Lotus, Roadsong & Wet

April was a recharging month. With the rough draft of Lotus stuck in a virtual desk drawer for a few weeks, I devoted extra attention to some other articles, Rucksack Universe ideas, and other things for my writing and publishing business. It was really refreshing.

Lotus. But now it’s May, and that means it’s time to come to full focus on Lotus. Over these next few weeks I’ll be going through the manuscript to fix everything I can fix, redo, and otherwise improve, before handing it off to my Chief Reader and Beta Readers.

Wet. The fifth Rucksack Universe book, codenamed Wet, is also in progress. I’ve done some outlining on Wet, but for now that’s as much as I’m doing with that project. I can tell you this though: Wet will be the biggest, most expansive globetrotting craziness of a Rucksack Universe book that we’ve seen yet.

Roadsong. One of the things I worked on during April is a little something I’m calling Faddah Rucksack’s Roadsong. The Roadsong is going to be many things: different views of the Rucksack Universe that can be done at events, video fodder, and… a book. Roadsong will be a sort of prequel to the series, but it is going to be far, far more than that. I’ll keep telling you more as the year goes along and I develop more of the material.

Folks who attended recent events got a taste of the Roadsong, and here’s a wee taste for you too:

“Have you ever wanted to go Somewhere Else? Maybe Everywhere Else? Or at least Anywhere Else, just as long as it wasn’t here? I did. Wanted to be anywhere as long as it wasn’t where I was. In this ole world of ours, I’ve been all over here and there. Saw what was and what wasn’t. Saw how others got through the day—or didn’t. I got to know what we share that makes us one, and how we differ that makes us want to tear each other apart. But above all, I saw the cracks. In everything that seems so solid, there are cracks. Then one day… One day I got more than I bargained for. I went somewhere I definitely didn’t need a visa or a passport to visit.”

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