Month: June 2015

June Fantasy Book Pick: AMERICAN GODS Released 14 Years Ago

One of the USA’s top fantasy books, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was released 14 years ago in 2001. It’s a tale of mythology, and of a man just trying to get by and redeem himself after being released from prison—and after abruptly becoming a widower. American Gods remains one of Gaiman’s most popular and acclaimed … Read More

Birthday Sale! 99¢ Martinis & Win a Book

Happy Birthday to The Martini of Destiny! Two years ago this month, The Martini of Destiny came into the world. Since then the original e-book has been joined by a paperback edition, two more books, and a new cover. Sometimes I can still hardly believe that after so many years of hand-wringing and paralysis by … Read More

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