My hometown WDBJ7 TV news station interviewed me

Every author needs cheerleaders. One of my greatest cheerleaders is my mom, who lives in my native Roanoke, VA. She now and again contacts local media to tell them why they need to cover her author son.

Her perseverance just paid off. Thank you, Mom.

Jean Jadhon from WDBJ7 interviewed me while I was visiting Roanoke earlier this month. It was fun to chat with her, and lots of people have said nice things about the interview. I assume they are talking primarily about Jean.

Here’s the video and text of the interview:

Roanoke County native is author of urban fantasy travel series

PS: As I write this I am listening to an NPR story about the shooting deaths of 2 WDBJ employees by a former employee. My thoughts go out to everyone affected. This story sounds like it is getting more complex at every update, but no less sad.

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