Best way to savor beer: clear glass, open mind: Tastings, The Register-Guard

There is so much more to tasting beer than, well, just tasting it. I had a great time talking with the folks at Eugene’s Ninkasi Brewing about how they make sure their beers are up to snuff.

It’s easy to think of something as tasting good or bad. Yet, as with wine and spirits, tasting craft beer is a complex process that answers a deceptively simple question: Is this what we expect?For breweries such as Delaware’s Dogfish, Colorado’s New Belgium, and Oregon’s Deschutes and Ninkasi, “sensory panels” of trained panelists meet regularly to taste and otherwise analyze beers before they are released to the public.

Source: Best way to savor beer: clear glass, open mind | Tastings | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

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