Fantasy novels: LOTUS update

Image: Dale
Image: Dale

Editing continues on the fourth Rucksack Universe book. My Chief Reader and I are almost done with the manuscript and notes. From there the text goes to my copy editor so he can fix all remaining things I have wrong. (Well, not all of them—I can only ask but so much 🙂

2 other things to tell you…

1. I’m no longer planning the release for Nov. 3.

The changes I’m making in the book are making a stronger, compelling story, but it’s also taking me longer than I planned. This is also something I can chalk up to experience: from now on, I will only set a release date once the manuscript is polished, final, and set in stone. Once LOTUS is to that point, I will tell you the new release date. Thanks for being patient with me.

2. The title!

It’s also time to retire the codename. A while back, I showed people online a list of 5 titles and asked which one they thought the most intriguing.

Across the board, in every instance, one title not only won out, it blew all the others away. I’ve decided that people’s choice title is the title of the fourth Rucksack Universe novel.

So here it is…

The next Rucksack Universe book is…


More about the book coming soon!

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