Read This: STATION ELEVEN, Emily St. John Mandel

Confession: I’m only part of the way through this book. However, between Station Eleven being a 2014 National Book Award Finalist, a New York Times Bestseller, and a Sword and Laser book pick, I was elated to finally start reading this. (Ironically enough, one downside of writing your own books can be a dearth of time to read other people’s.)

However, I had to make Station Eleven this month’s pick. Over and over I’ve heard that while the fantastical or sci-fi elements are light, the story is compelling. And it is. The clarity, imagery and starkness of St. Mandel’s style is leaving me breathless. There is a yearning and a longing in every sentence, and it leaves you compulsively reading because you so, so want these post-flu-apocalypse folks to come out okay.

So it’s simple: read this book. Or forever want to.

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