FOREVER THE ROAD is a Fantasy Best Book of 2015

FOREVER THE ROAD - 2015 Self-Published E-book Award Winner from SELF-e and Library Journal

I just got some pretty incredible news.

Which I’ll preface by saying, so, I’m not much of a winner.

I was never much for athletics. I did pretty well at public speaking in high school, and did some decent placing in forensics competitions for things like live readings. But I’ve never won contests or awards. Heck, I don’t even care for going to Las Vegas or buying a lottery ticket, because I’m about as good at gambling as a footstool is at astrophysics.

But all that said, I just won something.

Library Journal is a major US trade publication that librarians use for figuring out books to add to their collections. The LJ has a new service called SELF-e, which helps indie authors like me gain broader access to libraries for e-books. As part of the setup process, I also entered my 3 e-books (The Martini of Destiny, Home Sweet Road, and Forever the Road) in a free competition for their 2015 Self-Published Ebook Awards.

And I just got word that FOREVER THE ROAD won Fantasy Honorable Mention.

Forever the Road, Rucksack Universe Book #3

It’s not first prize, but I’ll take it with glee. It’s validation. It’s a nod from the industry. And I gotta say, it still feels pretty darn good.

Speaking of the Fantasy category, you should also check out the other Honorable Mention, Shelbi Wescott’s After Life, and winner Dave Ferraro’s Yokai. I’ve already snagged samples for my Kindle. The other 3 genre categories were Science Fiction, Romance, and Mystery, and be sure to check out and support those authors too.

Of course, if you or someone you know is interested in FOREVER THE ROAD, you can snag an e-book or signed trade paperback copy here.

Thank you for being along with me on this journey… and here’s to what’s next on the way.

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