How to Start a Brewery:

Think you want to start a brewery? There’s so much more to it than just brewing beer. In fact, that’s the most elementary part of what promises to be a wild ride. In this 2-part guide to starting a brewery, I talk with brewers and industry experts on all the other things you have … Read more

Brewing on the wild side

Wild beers are such a, well, wild ride. Here’s a new piece about wild beers in Oregon, in The Register-Guard. “Think of everything you know about beer: the bitter punch of a Northwest IPA, the light flavor of an American lager, the richness of a dry Irish-style stout. Now pour it down the drain.” Full … Read more

Craft Beer Article: Collaboration is Key for Homebrewing Couple

New in the February 2016 edition of the Oregon Beer Growler: “Sometimes newlyweds return from their honeymoon and immediately prepare a room for a baby. But for Kiley and Michael Gwynn of Eugene, they returned from their 2008 honeymoon/first anniversary trip to Hawaii with a passion for a new hobby: homebrewing.” Full story: Collaboration is … Read more

Windfall Reading Series: Oregon Book Award Finalists, Feb. 16, 2016, Eugene

As a member of the Lane Literary Guild, I love that Eugene has so much happening in its poetry and literary scene. Each month at the Eugene Public Library, featured poets and authors share their works with the public as part of the FREE Windfall Reading Series. 2015-2016 Windfall Readings are held on the third … Read more

What are you doing right now? Tell the world with your NOW page

New NOW page Do you ever wish you had a simple, succinct way to tell people what you’re doing right now? Derek Sivers—founder of CD Baby, regular TED speaker, and author of 34 books such as Anything You Want—used to ponder that same question. Then he came up with a simple idea: a now page. … Read more

What’s the first line of my next book?

As you might’ve seen, I’m now underway on my final proof and out-loud read-through of my fourth Rucksack Universe book, THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY. And if you were wondering, here’s the first line: And if you want that in good ole text: No one knew about the problem until the alarm rang, but Feckniss … Read more

New NOW Page: What I’m doing now, February 2016

I live in Eugene, Oregon, and have been a self-employed professional writer since 2011—nearly 5 years. I’m the author of 3 (going on 4) travel fantasy books in my Rucksack Universe series. I write about craft beer. I help other people with their online content and marketing. Outside of my home office, I spend lots … Read more