What I’m doing now, March 2016

Anthony St. Clair at the summit of Skinner's Butte in Eugene, Oregon
Anthony St. Clair at the summit of Skinner’s Butte in Eugene, Oregon

Me in a nutshell

I live in Eugene, Oregon, and have been a self-employed professional writer since 2011—nearly 5 years. I’m the author of 3 (going on 4) travel fantasy books in my Rucksack Universe series. I write about craft beer. I help other people with their online content and marketing. Outside of my home office, I spend lots of time with my wife, son, and daughter. And I love to cook.

This month I’m…

Leaked memo from the world's most dangerous company

Releasing special exclusive freebies for folks who join my mailing list. There’s a leaked memo about Faddah Rucksack from the company that wants to bring him down—and there’s also an exclusive sneak peek of my next book, THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY. If you’re interested in the Rucksack Universe, now’s a great time to check out my wee world of globetrotting myth, adventure, and intrigue.

Planning a non-fiction book about the business of being an author. I recently gave a talk about this topic, and it was really well-received, so I’m looking at how I can expand the talk into a book that helps authors manage the business side of things.

Proofreading the manscript for THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY, the fourth book in my ongoing Rucksack Universe series. Proofing will be completed in March, and then I’ll be setting the release date. My cover designer is also underway on design concepts for the cover, and I’ll soon be in touch with advance readers who’ll get to read the book ahead of the release date.

Making a big task list of post-con followup stuff to do. My recent trip to the MystiCon science fiction and fantasy convention in Roanoke, VA, was a wonderful weekend. I learned about armor hickeys and how to better describe my characters so people can cosplay them. I met lots of new fans and became an expat member of the Roanoke Valley Whovians (and had a fascinating discussion about the future of the Doctor and the show Doctor Who). I also got to be on fascinating discussion panels about world mythologies (which I moderated), setting fantasy in the everyday world, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, and worldbuilding. I’m also looking in to West Coast cons for me and my family to attend, and I’m…

Pondering how I would look in a Captain Mal costume (that’s Nathan Fillion’s Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly).

Evaluating next steps for Facebook Ads for my books. A recent ad didn’t perform the way I’d hoped, so I’m seeing what I can learn to do a better job on the next go-round.

Conducting research, interviews, and drafting for various articles about how breweries support their community, the ins and outs of charcuterie, and more.

Walking over 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) each day

Doing 10 minutes of yoga

Hiking up a nearby Skinner Butte with my kids. It’s a small hill, but it was still challenging to go up it with a 22-lb. child on my back. Well worth it though, especially for how much my 4-year-old son loved romping around the trail and summit.

Cooking the incredible meals that my wife plans (she doesn’t like the cooking, I don’t like the planning)

Looking longingly at maps.

Reading lots of books, most notably THE ALCHEMIST by Paolo Coehlo, Celtic Art: Symbols & Imagery Paperback by Miranda Green, and Celtic Britain and Ireland: Art and Society by Prof. Lloyd Laing and Jennifer Laing.

Walking with my word, CONNECT, as Ali Edwards says of her annual One Little Word class. My wife and I are taking the class together. This month Ali’s prompt is to build a visionboard for my word and how I want to interact with it. I’m using this challenge to help me improve on how I share and connect with others.

Here are some recent articles I’ve published:

Always intrigued by other people’s stories, so feel free to email me: writer@anthonystclair.com

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