What I’m doing now, May 2016

The Lotus and the Barley, a Rucksack Universe travel fantasy novel by Anthony St. Clair
Recently released cover of my fourth book, out June 16

Me in a nutshell

I live in Eugene, Oregon, and have been a self-employed professional writer since 2011—nearly 5 years. I’m the author of 3 (going on 4) travel fantasy books in my Rucksack Universe series. I write about craft beer. I help other people with their online content and marketing. Outside of my home office, I spend lots of time with my wife, son, and daughter. And I love to cook.

This month I’m…

Getting ready for the June 16 launch of my fourth Rucksack Universe travel fantasy book, The Lotus and the Barley. (You can pre-order the e-book now at Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo).

A lot of work goes in to launching a book. In addition to setting up the e-book file, I’ve been setting up the paperback files (and paperback layout always means tweaks to the wording so text flows better, which then has to be matched in the main file for the e-books). I’m setting up ads and giveaways, getting in feedback from advance readers, and planning various readings and events. At least, that’s just a few of the things underway from my 27-page launch kit 🙂

Knuckling down for lots of May article deadlines. In addition to the book launch, I have lots of article assignments due throughout the month, about everything from wedding registries to craft beer to construction. Have I mentioned that it’s very, very hard for me to ever feel bored?

Planning summer trips. My wife and I are both self-employed (she teaches Suzuki violin lessons and music classes for infants and toddlers at our Eugene Suzuki Music Academy). We have friends in Portland and Seattle we are long overdue to see, so we are planning a summer road trip. In the works for summer are also some camping trips, and various book signings, readings, and other author events. If you’d like me to come to your town, let me know.

Yoga once a week and walking over 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) each day, aiming for 13,000-15,000 steps (up to about 7 miles) at least a couple of days each week.

Pondering something big, but I’m still working on the decision and am not ready to say anything else yet.

Reading 2 books:

Here are a couple of recent articles I’ve published:

Always intrigued by other people’s stories, so feel free to email me: writer@anthonystclair.com

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