Night Attack and Scott Sigler praise the Rucksack Universe

One of my readers, known as Bishma in most spots online, got me and the Rucksack Universe a mention on Night Attack… while they were chatting with bestselling author Scott Sigler. I gotta admit, I was terrified when I first pulled up this video… but here’s what they had to say: “This is my sweet … Read more

5 lessons learned from 5 years as a full-time writer and author entrepreneur

Five years ago in June 2011, I gave up my job as a website editor at a national sales company to become a full-time professional writer and author entrepreneur. This is the part where I should pop out the old chestnut that most small businesses in the US fail within the first five years. But … Read more

What I’m doing now, July 2016

Woo-hoo! My shipment came early. For those who recently ordered from my author store, your signed paperbacks will be on the way shortly. Thank you for your patience! #rucksackuniverse #newbook #authorlife #authorchristmas A photo posted by Anthony St. Clair (@rucksackpress) on Jul 7, 2016 at 2:49pm PDT Me in a nutshell I live in Eugene, … Read more

10 ways you can support this indie author & THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY

A quick favor for The Lotus and the Barley? By now, you’ve likely heard about my latest Rucksack Universe novel, The Lotus and the Barley. There’s good momentum building, but the more momentum the better for my books, especially this fourth installment in the series. It’s also an exciting time because this book comes out … Read more