What I’m doing now, November 2016

Me in a nutshell

I’ve been a full-time self-employed professional writer for 5 years. I’m the author of 4 travel fantasy books in my Rucksack Universe series. I write about craft beer. I help other people with their online content and marketing. Outside of my home office, I spend lots of time with my wife, son, and daughter, in lovely Eugene, Oregon, in the US Pacific Northwest. And I love to cook.


Has been such an incredible month. I’m looking forward to this week’s Thanksgiving holiday in the US. I’m also looking forward to my daughter’s second birthday. My kids and wife are so much of why I do what I do. I’m so thankful they are in my life, and that I can have a career where I can spend as much time with them as possible.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to this week, I hope that your world is well and that you have much to be thankful for.

This month I’m…

Trying on hats.

My wife can tell you that for ages now I have had a thing about trying to find a good hat. Despite having lived in the Pacific NorthWET for 16 years, I cannot get used to wearing a hood. Hoods cut off my peripheral vision, and it drives me batty.

Now, I do have some excellent woolly caps, hand-knitted by my beloved. But I needed a hat that I could wear at other times of the year.

Enter serendipity. I was helping some friends recently, and during a few spare minutes we swung through a secondhand shop, Value Village, in Springfield. And what do I find, at the back of the store? A hat. That fits me. For $5.

Author still life: hat, Moleskine, pens, pint @sambondsbrewing

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There you go.

My wife likes it, so that’s pretty much job done there. And I’m… I’m quite digging having a hat. It brings out something noir in me.

Raising a glass of Shake Your Tree wild ale with peaches. Excellent bottle party, @alesongbrewing!

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November has been packed with writing, especially coming off October. In fact, at 40,132 words, October was my biggest writing month of the year. I worked on various articles and stories, including the 3 prequels I’m writing that will be part of Roadsong, the next Rucksack Universe book. I also wrote and filed 3 articles, sent various queries, and did advance work on articles that due in November.

All told, in October I wrote 40,132 words over 26 days, an average of 1,544 words per day. So far for November, as of Nov. 21 I’ve written 26,079 words over 18 days, an average of 1,449 words per day. I write six days a week, taking either Saturday or Sunday off.


As 2016 starts coming to a close, there are lots of things I’m looking at for my writing business. For 2017, I have a big goal of increasing book sales. I don’t sell a whole lot of books at this point, and I’ve been trying to work on that.

There are lots of marketing things, for example, that I haven’t found enjoyable, so I haven’t been doing them. I’m figuring out what I like to do that also works for the business, and I’m starting to dial it in. There are some big changes afoot in 2017.

I’ve also got some other projects in the works.

Writing about beer and more

To-date for 2016, I’ve filed 61 articles, and just about all of those are already published (a few are over the next couple of months). Here are some recent published articles:

Yoga once a week and walking over 10,000 steps (about 4–5 miles) each day. The kids also love doing yoga with Dad.

Always intrigued by other people’s stories, so feel free to email me: writer@anthonystclair.com

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