Daddy, why are you a writer?

This morning my 5-year-old son came into the office, looked at my computer screen, and asked, “Daddy, why are you a writer?” I thought about it for a moment. It’s something I haven’t considered in a long time, up there with why my eyes are the color they are or why I live in Oregon … Read more

New Guidebook Shows the Real Independent Scotland

Rucksack Universe - New Guidebook Shows the Real Independent Scotland - BS Trotter

A FREE Rucksack Universe Short Story Rucksack Universe Short Stories are available for free at They may or may not be canonical, and may or may not be as polished as other stories. Enjoy. Like what you see here? Visit the Rucksack Universe for available books in the ongoing series. Originally published in London … Read more

What to do when your kids ask you to join their dance party

“Daddy!” asked my 5yo and 2yo, “will you join our dance party?” I’d been in the midst of a big morning, writing, revising, and filing an article, while also moving pieces for some upcoming assignments. I’d planned the week, checked the finances, and all this after, I confess, having stayed up a tad too late … Read more

The circle: Why bend genre when you can break it?

The circle We were all supposed to make noise and move around in whatever direction we wanted. It was the last activity for an acting workshop I was attending in college, put on by a theater troupe who later would perform Shakespeare (Twelfth Night, if memory serves). Through the course of the afternoon we’d gone … Read more

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