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After meeting science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson back in October 2017 at a writing/publishing business master class, I started listening to the new Creative Futurism Podcast.

Kevin recently started the show, along with tech expert John Best. Together and with guests, they’ve been bringing some interesting discussion and perspectives on their intersections of tech, art, and life, such as:

Force fields, Ray Guns, and Science Fiction Weapons
Retired Air Force Colonel Doug Beason, former head of Air Force Space Command and member of the President’s Science Council—as well as bestselling thriller and science fiction writer—discusses new advances in physics, active-denial microwaves, and weapons concepts you’ve only seen in science fiction.

Inspiring the Next Generation to the Stars
Lance Bush, President of the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education talks about his mission to interest kids in pursuing careers in science and engineering, how to motivate the next generation to truly look to the future. “The first person who will walk on Mars is alive today and in a classroom somewhere.”

Immortality and Superpowers
All about Avatars: Doctor Harry Kloor from the XPRIZE Foundation talks with Kevin and John about the new Avatar XPRIZE to develop augmented separate avatars, remote bodies that allow humans to do remarkable things, like surgeons operating on patients through telepresence, exploring hostile environments, and extending the human body.

It’s a good listen, and I suggest you check it out.

Creative Futurism – Culture, Business, Creativity, and the Future

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