This startup’s industry disruption isn’t a short-term stay

The Vacasa team
The Vacasa team

New article for Palo Alto Software’s LivePlan business/startup blog

The startup dream: figuring out how to turn an industry on its head and capture the market.

I’m fascinated by people who dream big and work hard. It helps me figure out things in my own life and business, and I find it inspiring to learn about how people work together and trust their own insights to think differently and change established industries.

As automation and tech play an ever-growing role in some of the most successful startups, it pays to think about the role that humans will continue to play in growing businesses. Vacasa, a full-service vacation rental company, is a good example of how to do it right. They took advantage of a market that was ripe for disruption and leveraged both tech and the human touch in a ratio that has helped them scale their business while building an experience that sets them apart from their competitors.

The full story, Disrupting an Industry Takes Not Just Tech, but a Human Touch, is on Palo Alto Software’s LivePlan Blog.

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