Travel Florence: Eugene Magazine, Spring issue 2018

Eugene Magazine is a lifestyle quarterly that I have written for regularly for a few years now. The Spring 2018 issue just came out, and I have an articles in there on traveling to Florence, a nearby city on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Check out the spring issue

Sneak peek of Wander, the next Rucksack Universe book

“How did you know it was my birthday?” asked Wander. Sitting behind his desk at the front of the hostel, the elderly proprietor looked up from his computer and smiled. “Your passport,” he replied. “Twenty. A wonderful year. A time when many things may change.” Wander smiled back. The past five years had been nothing … Read more

Rucksack Universe update

2018 is a year of shorts. For ages I’ve been wanting to do more Rucksack Universe short stories. I’ve been practicing, seeing what works and doesn’t work in my odd wee story brain. Now, after much experimenting, I’ve been submitting stories to various publications. Some are longer, some are under 1,500 words. Some will be … Read more

Claim 52 Brewing stakes out sweet spot

A hopefully-changing rarity in the guy-dominated craft beer industry, two women are at the helm of this 6-year-old Eugene brewery. Claim 52 has been ahead of the curve on trends such as kölsch and hazy IPA, and now they’re about to open a downtown taproom/restaurant. I was so happy to get to talk beer and … Read more

Remembering Discworld author Terry Pratchett

As a 20-something wanderer living in Scotland, I first experienced Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. At the time I was on a university exchange program in Edinburgh. It was my first time abroad, and it was equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. Maybe that’s why I found it so fascinating to encounter a flat world balanced on four … Read more

Imaginary Worlds Podcast’s 3-Part Series on Doctor Who

I love, love, love the Imaginary Worlds Podcast. It’s one of my must-listens. And I’m especially digging this new 3-part series on Doctor Who: We don’t know his real name. We don’t know who he was before he stole the TARDIS — a spaceship/time machine that looks like a police box on the outside, but … Read more

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