Imaginary Worlds Podcast’s 3-Part Series on Doctor Who

Imaginary Worlds Podcast’s 3-Part Series on Doctor Who

I love, love, love the Imaginary Worlds Podcast. It’s one of my must-listens. And I’m especially digging this new 3-part series on Doctor Who:

We don’t know his real name. We don’t know who he was before he stole the TARDIS — a spaceship/time machine that looks like a police box on the outside, but is really a cavernous ship on the inside. He’s thousands of years old, but wears a different face every few years. He calls himself The Doctor, but Doctor who? In this 3-part series, host Eric Molinsky looks at how a restless intergalactic time traveller became a global pop culture icon, and why The Doctor’s knack for physical regeneration resonates with fans on a more personal level.

Listen to the Imaginary Worlds Podcast

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