Rucksack Universe update

2018 is a year of shorts. For ages I’ve been wanting to do more Rucksack Universe short stories. I’ve been practicing, seeing what works and doesn’t work in my odd wee story brain.

Now, after much experimenting, I’ve been submitting stories to various publications. Some are longer, some are under 1,500 words. Some will be standalones. Some will expand on snippets of feeling or moments from current books.

Some will lead to bigger things too. I’m outlining a series about Aisling, the Awen of Ireland from Home Sweet Road, right now. There’s always been so much more I’ve wanted to do with her character, so I’m planning a mix of short stories and novels focused on her—and how deeply connected she is to so many other things in the Rucksack Universe.

I’ve already gotten my first short story rejection, and I’ll let you know where stories will be published. All stories will also be released through Rucksack Press as standalone e-books too.

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