A Breakdown of Southeast Asian and Pacific Island Herbs and Spices

Many of Southeast Asia’s flavors—from ginger to Thai basil—have inspired the menus of our favorite takeout spots but countless more herbs and spices await discovery at your next office lunch. Use this list to help inform and guide you toward an exotic and exciting lunch selection. Without further ado, here are seven Southeast Asian and … Read more

Mite vs. Mite: Controlling Hop Pests Sustainably

In the Oregon Beer Growler: Bugs protect a key beer ingredient. Hop growers battle pests every year to bring a healthy hop crop to market, but a Netherlands-based firm believes bugs can be more effective than chemicals in controlling them. A 2017 trial in Independence, OR, used beneficial arachnids to control two aggressive hop pests. … Read more

Create a Better Workplace with Food

New on the ZeroCater blog: The challenges of the modern workplace—recruiting employees, decreasing turnover, improving communication and collaboration, and fostering culture to name just a few—never end. Yet one simple essential can improve each: food. Whether you’re hiring, brainstorming, welcoming new team members, or simply adding motivation to a regular day, here are six ways … Read more

Why 90% of writing is showing up

Showing up is a strange ride, but here’s what happens when you show up. Recently I had a weekend where I didn’t much feel like writing. I’ve been on a writing streak since November—177 days in a row of as this email, in fact. But man oh man, there were these two days I did … Read more

National Library Week #NationalLibraryWeek

Many of my fondest memories involve a good library. When I was a kid, being dropped off at the local library or the wee library in my elementary school meant escaping into my imagination and exploring whatever my mind was hungry for. As an adult, that’s not changed much. Each week, my kids and I … Read more

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