National Library Week #NationalLibraryWeek

National Library Week 2018

Many of my fondest memories involve a good library. When I was a kid, being dropped off at the local library or the wee library in my elementary school meant escaping into my imagination and exploring whatever my mind was hungry for.

As an adult, that’s not changed much. Each week, my kids and I go to the Eugene Public Library, one of my favorite places in town. It’s light, airy, and has a wonderful children’s section. My wife and I consider it essential that we raise lifelong learners, and as far as I’m concerned, lifelong learning starts at the local library.

That’s why I’m hoping that during National Library Week you’ll try, explore, and celebrate your local library. Maybe check out a program or event. And be sure to see what all they have. Today’s library isn’t just books. At EPL, for example, we regularly check out DVDs, borrow e-books on our Kindles, read magazines on our iPads, and bring home special kits for the kids. We go to talks, presentations, and children’s story times.

The library is a fertile field for a yearning imagination. Here’s to your library, and don’t be surprised if you find me in the stacks.

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